Spirit of Grace (SOG) began as the house praise band for Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Royersford, PA. Originally playing every other week at the newly formed contemporary worship service the praise band focused on playing well known praise hymns to accompany the congregation. The unnamed praise band which consisted primarily of Jack Perry and Matt Johnson on guitar and Grace’s Director of Music, Angela Zoltek on keyboards would also perform special music selections during the services featuring covers of popular contemporary Christian songs. The addition of Kurt Berner on bass guitar, Joyce Berner on keyboards, and Dave Lukens on drums not only increased the variety of musicians but added three additional voices to the band.

In December of 2003 the entire congregation of Grace Lutheran suffered a great loss with the passing of Dave Lukens. Dave’s drum skills and powerful vocal abilities are truly missed.

In early 2004 another member of Grace Lutheran, Jack Claypotch gave in to God’s pushes and joined the praise band as the new drummer. Sandy Kulick became a full time member providing backing vocals and percussion. The band continued to expand it’s capabilities and in 2004 became Spirit of Grace.

Spirit of Grace continues to play for the 10:45 contemporary worship service on a weekly basis and has also been blessed with the opportunity of traveling outside of the Grace Lutheran community to perform for numerous other congregations, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and other special events.

Our music repetoire has blossomed with the tremendous inspired song writing capabilities of Kurt Berner and we have just released our first CD entitled “New Life” featuring 12 original songs.

The Lord continues to bless the entire congregation of Grace Lutheran Church and most certainly continues to bless all of us who are Spirit of Grace. We hope you will come listen to our music and extend the very warm welcome of all of the people of Grace!




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